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Low Cost Windows VPS that makes use of Hyper-V technology and pure SSDs

A reliable and potent hardware KVM-based virtualization system is Windows VPS Server. Purchase inexpensive, fully-secured, lightning-fast KVM Windows VPS hosting from AKLWEB HOST.

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Windows Vps Icn 1
Windows Root Server Access Icn

Root Server Access

For regular virtual machine administration, administrator access is essential. In order to achieve this, our Windows VPS server package gives you unlimited access to manage your server.

Windows Solid State Drive Icn

NVMe Solid State Drives

With us, get quicker performance! For improved performance, combine Windows VPS server hosting with free NVMe Solid State Drives (SSDs).

Windows Os Selection Icn

Entire Windows OS Selection

We currently provide support for Windows OS 2012, 2016, 2019, and 2022 companion versions. Windows VPS server hosting operates on Windows OS, as the name suggests. You can introduce your preferred Windows OS on your VPS in a few quick snaps.

Cheap Windows VPS Server Hosting

Compared to other Windows VPS hosting services, we give you more guarantees and offer more free features!

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Windows Vps Usa Icn
Windows VPS 1

Location: UK & USA

2 x 2.60 GHz
1 GB
30 GB NVMe
RAID Protected

$26.00 /mo

$13.00 /mo

50% Off

Windows Vps Usa Icn
Windows VPS 2

Location: UK & USA

2 x 2.60 GHz
2 GB
50 GB NVMe
RAID Protected

$37.00 /mo

$18.50 /mo

50% Off

Windows Vps Usa Icn
Windows VPS 3

Location: UK & USA

4 x 2.60 GHz
4 GB
100 GB NVMe
RAID Protected

$63.00 /mo

$31.50 /mo

50% Off

Windows Vps Usa Icn
Windows VPS 4

Location: UK & USA

4 x 2.60 GHz
6 GB
150 GB NVMe
RAID Protected

$95.00 /mo

$47.50 /mo

50% Off

Windows Vps Usa Icn
Windows VPS 4

Location: UK & USA

6 x 2.60 GHz
8 GB
200 GB NVMe
RAID Protected

$125.00 /mo

$62.50 /mo

50% Off

Windows Vps Usa Icn
Windows VPS 4

Location: UK & USA

8 x 2.60 GHz
16 GB
250 GB NVMe
RAID Protected

$205.00 /mo

$102.50 /mo

50% Off

Optional Initialization Apps with Complimentary Technical Help

Windows Icn
Asp Net Icn
Sql Server Icn
Mysql Icn
Microsoft Asp Icn
Net Core Icn
Sliver Light Icn
Net Mvc Icn

Affordably Priced VPS hosting With Cutting-Edge Hardware

We at AKLWEB HOST have never been at ease blending in with the masses.
Here are some unique features of our managed Windows VPS offering: expandable RAM,
limitless bandwidth, an easy-to-use interface, SSD storage, and round-the-clock customer assistance.

Cheap Cost Effective Icn
Cheap, Cost-Effective

You get complete root access to your virtual private server when you choose one of our unmanaged VPS servers.

Vps Enterprise Ssd Storage
SSD-Based Drives

For optimal performance, capacity, and dependability, we exclusively utilize Samsung SSDs rated for enterprise use.

Windows Vps Dedicated Ip Icn
Dedicated IP

Set up your Windows VPS in under five minutes, get your Linux VPS online in less than a minute.

Windows Vps Full Admin Access Icn
Full Admin Access

A 99.99% network SLA and uninterruptible power sources support every VPS server.

Windows Ip V6 Icn
IPv6 & IPv4

You won't want to use another VPS hosting provider after trying ours! You can therefore cancel at any time and we won't lock you.

Windows Vps 99 Uptime Guarantee Icn
99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We deploy battery-backed cache and redundant hardware RAID 10 arrays in all of our VPSs.

Windows Vps 30 Days Money Back Icn
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Whichever option you select, the information on your server will remain in that nation and be housed in one of our green, PCI-compliant, ISO 27001 data centers.

Windows Vps Data Center Icn
Data Center

As you expand, you can scale your virtual private server (VPS) from one virtual server to a load-balanced cluster.

Windows Vps Tech Support Icn
24/7 Free Tech Support

With only one click, install Windows and several Linux/Unix-like operating systems. Any alternative operating system and software can be installed.

Windows Vps Support Desk Icn

Do You Have Questions?
About Our Windows VPS Server Service!

Are you unsure about which virtual private server would be best for you? Speak with our VPS Staff.

Why Our Customers Love Us

Discover why we outperform the competition with our lightning-fast speeds and our top-notch customer service.

Fast Response Time
Fast response time

This is why I migrated all my clients to Aklwebhost. If there is a problem, I get on chat and someone is working on it ASAP. Thank you.

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Very Satisfied With Aklwebhost
Very satisfied with Aklwebhost

I was very satisfied with aklwebhost services and especially with online chat with professional people

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A Well Managed Host - I'M On My Second Year With Them!
A Well Managed Host - I'm on My Second Year With Them!

Akl web host provided a huge discount for the first year of service and, although it hurt a bit to pay full price for the 2nd year of service, I really have no regrets. Their down time is next to nothing and their technical support is always polite and professional. Because their account allows users to do a lot of things that other hosts won't allow (upgrade PHP, for example), I have learned a lot while testing out numerous sites on their servers. I've tried many others, including Bluehost, InMotion, NameCheap, Pressable, and A Small Orange. While all of those (except Pressable) were "okay," none of them come close to the speed and technical support of akl web host. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

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Exceptional Support!
Exceptional support!

The technical support team at Aklewbhost is truly exceptional! They are fast, professional, courteous, very knowledgable and so helpful. Thank you Aklwebhost!

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Great Technical Support!
Great technical support!

I submitted a technical support problem regarding trying to get a photo CMS installed and the akl web host Tech Team had it up and running within 12 hours. Most appreciated!!

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Fast And Great Support!
Fast and great support!

Until now very good support from the aklwebhost support team. Fast and instant help!

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Just Moved My Domain To Aklwebhost
Just moved my domain to Aklwebhost

After checking online comparatives seeing that akl web host is probably the best choice I chose it and didn't disappoint, me. Immediately someone very nice called me and set for me in 5 minutes solving any question I had.

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Windows VPS Server FAQ

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our VPS hosting.

Linux VPS is much less expensive because it is an open-source platform. Because Windows is Microsoft's proprietary software, users must pay a licensing fee, which is often covered by the VPS's price; however, we won't charge you an additional licensing fee.

High security, speed, robust support, sophisticated software, and an intuitive graphical user interface. Because it is similar to Windows OS, even someone who is not in the IT field may easily use it. Users and administrators have total control over the server and dedicated resources, allowing them to easily tailor their virtual environment to meet their specific requirements.

Operating Systems is where these two diverge most. There are Linux VPS and Windows VPS for different operating systems. Both of our VPS services have identical technical characteristics while having distinct operating systems, which means that their availability and performance are equally excellent.

You can test code, build apps, create cloud storage, host websites, utilize a VPN, or even run a gaming server with your inexpensive Windows virtual private server (VPS), provided that the modifications you make abide by our terms of service.

Indeed, we do. Every VPS Windows comes with a free Windows 2012, 2016, 2019, or 2022 OS license.

Before the new month begins, we will tenfold decrease the port speed of your Windows VPS server. Don't worry—we won't impose any additional costs or halt your services.

Sadly, the answer is no, you cannot. With every VPS Windows, we already provide a fully licensed copy of Windows OS.

Europe, namely Vilnius, Lithuania, is home to our servers. Before investing in any other service, including a cheap VPS Windows server, you may wish to check out our network performance.

Indeed, we do. With the opportunity to add additional, each virtual machine is shipped with one principal IPv6 address.

One IPv4 address is included with every VPS Windows. After the server is deployed, you can buy extra IPv4 addresses as add-ons (up to 31 per instance) if you require more.

You can, of course. Upscale your plan at no cost to the desired size; we'll do it without causing any server outages.